Orca / Killer Whale Plush

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Orca black and white soft plush toy. 15 inch in length.

Orcas are also known as killer whales, wolves of the sea. They can grow to a length of 8 metres and swim more than 45km per hour. They live in a family group called a pod and all work together to hunt prey including fish, whales, penguins, seals and dolphins.

Weighing up to six tonnes, the orca is, in fact, the largest species of dolphin rather than a whale as its nickname suggests. Bearing flesh-eating teeth of up to 10 centimetres long, the mammals are rightly feared in the ocean. – informally referred to as killer whales because of their fearsome reputation – are majestic mammals found in Australian waters between the months of June and October on the east coast, and January to April on the west.

While Orca don’t treat humans as prey, they are top of the food chain in the water, and there’s still plenty of research required to find out more about their habitat and actions.



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