Humpback Whale Wine Charm

Humpback Whale Wine Charm

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Take wine and wildlife to your next party or bbq with these stunning wine glass charms and you’ll never have to worry about losing your wine glass again.

This humpback whale wine glass charm will make your glass stand out from the rest and be a real talking point at parties. These wine glass charms make great gifts for family and friends here and overseas.

The charm is 11mm L x 3mm W x 21mm H. This koala is made from Tibetan silver and made into this beautiful wine glass charm here in Australia.

Humpback Whale General Information

The Humpback Whale is one of the planets great migration spectacles. Each year between April and November, the whales migrate to Australias eastern and western coastlines are where they mate and give birth. The exact timing of the migration period can vary from year to year. It depends on water temperatures, sea ice, predation risks, prey and the exact location of their feeding ground.

During the migration, whales can swim approximately 10,000 kilometres. During the summer months, the humpback whales feed on krill in the Antarctic waters.

Once hunted to the verge of extinction, it is now worth more alive – both environmentally and economically. This whale was valued once only when it was dead – this was in the days of whaling.

Individual humpbacks still face threats — they can become entangled in fishing gear or be struck by ships. Scientific whaling, pollution, climate change, ocean noise and unsustainable tourism may also affect the population. The Australian Government continues to fund non-lethal research and other activities to promote whale conservation. The more we understand about these animals, the more we are able to recognise their true value to the world and improve their chances of recovering further from the impacts of whaling.


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