Echidna - Please Drive Slowly Sign

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Watch Out! for Echidnas! 

Raise awareness of our spiny little mates with these and other signs for wildlife on your property, laneways, parks, campgrounds, urban and rural roads – the list is endless!

Product Information

Made of high-quality UV digitally printed graphics here in Australia on corflute.

Made in Australia

Size: 225mm x 300mm  (8.85 inches x 11 inches)


Corflute is a corrugated polypropylene that is ideal for short to medium term outdoor use on buildings and fences etc.

Echidna Information

Echidnas are covered in spines, lay eggs, have a fold of skin that acts as a pouch, feed their young (called a puggle) milk, and eats ants and termites. 

When an echidna feels threatened, they will lodge themselves under a rock or dig themselves into the ground and leave only their spines showing as a means to protect themselves. This method of protection obviously doesn't work with vehicles, that's why drivers need to scan the roads for Australias incredible echidnas. 

How can you help echidnas on the roads?
* Raise the awareness to drivers in echidna areas with signage
* With habitat being fragmented by roads and clearing of habitat, echidnas need to cross the roads.
* Slow down in echidna areas, slower speeds give us more time to see echidnas and react to help it get safely off the road. 
* Echidnas can be seen on the roads in daylight and dark. 
* Scan the road ahead and the sides of the roads for anything that may move in front of your vehicle.
* look for eyeshine - some animals have eyes that shine in the dark like reflectors when light hits them.
* Ask your passenger/s to help you look for wildlife - more eyes looking is better for everyone to safely get to their destinations. You can make a game of it too, who is the first one to spot the wildlife first? Who has the keen eyesight in your vehicle?


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