Dingo - Please Drive Slowly Sign

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Watch Out! for dingoes! 
The dingo is a unique, wild canid species that needs to be appreciated as a vital “cog”, for the functioning of the “wheel”, that is our Australian environment. - Australian Dingo Foundation

Raise awareness with these and other signs for wildlife on your property, laneways, parks, campgrounds, urban and rural roads – the list is endless!

Product Information

Made of high-quality UV digitally printed graphics here in Australia on corflute.

Made in Australia

Size: 225mm x 300mm  (8.85 inches x 11 inches)


Corflute is a corrugated polypropylene that is ideal for short to medium term outdoor use on buildings and fences etc. Corflute safety signs are commonly fixed to timber or chain wire hoarding fences and internal locations around building sites. The corflute used is 5mm thick and has UV resilient digitally printed graphics applied.

How can you help dingoes on the roads?
* Raise the awareness to people of dingoes areas with signage
* Never feed a wild dingo
* Respect the dingo, it is a wild animal and should be treated as such.
   Watch the dingo from a distance, do not approach them.
* While driving, scan the road ahead and the sides of the roads for anything that may move in front of your vehicle.
* look for eyeshine - some animals have eyes that shine in the dark like reflectors when light hits them.
* Ask your passenger/s to help you look for wildlife - more eyes looking is better for everyone to safely get to their destinations. You can make a game of it too, who is the first one to spot the wildlife first? Who has the keen eyesight in your vehicle?

Dingo Information
from the Australian Dingo Foundation 

Desert Dingoes

Desert dingoes are reddish, golden yellow, or sand coloured with a compact body size and a fine coat. They are found broadly across Central Australia.

Alpine Dingoes

Alpine dingoes are found in high elevation areas of the Australian Alps along eastern Australia. They are mostly ginger in colour, whilst in forested areas, the fur can be a darker tan to black.

Tropical Dingoes

The Tropical dingo is located in the forests and wetlands across north and north-western Australia.  They have a finer stature, lack the double coat the other dingo types, and are generally ginger and creamy white in colour.

K’gari (Fraser Island) Dingoes

On Fraser Island, dingoes are normally a ginger or a golden sandy colour.


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