Cockatoos of Australia - Set of 4 Cups

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Australia is known as the land of the parrots, there are 56 different species!
This set of 4 melamine cups feature 4 of the more well known species: the Sulphur-crested cockatoo, the Red-tailed black cockatoo, the Cockatiel and the Major Mitchell cockatoo with its crest that seems to capture the colours of an Australian outback sunset.

Material: Melamine

Dishwasher Safe. Not Microwave Safe.

Specifications: Set of 4 beautifully designed melamine cups presented in a gift box. (10 cm high, 8cm diameter) 310 ml. Designed in Australia by Murilo Manzini


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Thankyou. Order arrived today. One very happy grandson with his new beastly binoculars.