Bilby Greeting Card

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An Australian spin on Easter is the Bilby instead of bunnies. 
“The 'bilbies not bunnies' campaign makes people stop and think about the threats to our native fauna, not just the bilby,” says Kev Bradley, CEO of Save the Bilby Fund.

We can raise awareness of these amazing little marsupials by sending greeting cards to friends and family not just at Easter, but any occasion. 

Material: Paper

Specifications: 14 x 14 cm greeting card with illustrations inside and out. Includes a kraft envelope.  This greeting card is printed on 270gsm snowboard, which is a traditional postcard stock coated on one side to ensure bright, vibrant images while providing a easy writing surface on the uncoated paper. 

Origin: Made in Australia

The bilby is a medium-sized marsupial that is best known for its rabbit-like ears. It has long, silky blue-grey fur and a long tail that is black with a white tip. The bilby is light and delicate in build but with strongly clawed toes for digging burrows.


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