Beastly Crocodile Binoculars

Beastly Crocodile Binoculars

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Great set of binoculars for your nature loving kids. Kids can go bird watching, whale watching or nature watching.  Crocodile design, compact binoculars and comes with a neck strap and just like crocs, these binoculars have a great set of teeth!
Exclusive design
4.5 x 29 power magnification.
Includes focusing knob.

General Crocodile Information

Australia has 2 species of Crocodile. The freshwater crocodile known as the Australian Freshwater Crocodile and the Johnston’s Crocodile but is more commonly referred to as a ‘Freshie’ as they live only in the freshwater ways of the northern regions of Australia.

And the Saltwater the Crocodile – the largest species of crocodile in the world and can live in fresh as well as saltwater.
The Saltwater Crocodile is also known as the Estuarine and Indo-pacific but often referred to as a ‘Saltie’.  This crocodile inhabits the waterways of the northern regions of Australia.

Whenever you’re in the northern parts of Australia always be Croc Wise!


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