Barn Owl 12" Plush

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Owl be your new best friend. This natural-looking and highly detailed plush barn owl stands approximately 12” tall. Made with ultra-plush stuffing, this barn owl is just so huggable!

From realistic markings, to tufted paws, fins and feet, to can’t pull-them off eyes, beaks, noses and snouts, every Cuddlekins TM plush is made with-and for-love.

All new materials - Surface Washable

The Barn Owl is one of the world’s most widespread species of owls. At night, its pale form may be glimpsed in a car’s headlights while it’s flying silently over open country, especially grassy areas and farmland on all continents (except Antarctica, where its preferred habitats do not occur). Its white, heart-shaped facial disc is characteristic and assists the bird in finding food by concentrating noises, as the owl hunts by night by hearing its prey to locate it as well as by seeing it.


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