Banana Leaf Turtle Napkin Holder

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Last one! This Napkin Holder is made in the Phillipines from solid aluminium and banana leaf features and is a lovely addition to any table setting indoors or outdoors.

The turtle sits on your napkins and holds them in place.

Size: 31cm x 31cm

Turtle General Information

2 types of turtle live in Australia’s waters – the Marine Turtles and Freshwater Turtles.
Marine turtles have lived in the oceans for over 100 million years and Australia has 6 marine turtle species.

All marine turtle species are experiencing serious threats to their survival. The main threats are pollution and changes to important turtle habitats. Other threats include accidental drowning in fishing gear, over-harvesting of turtles and eggs and predation of eggs and hatchlings by foxes, feral pigs, dogs and goannas.

Australia has 23 species of freshwater turtle. Australia does not have any of the true land-based tortoises that are found on all other continents except Antarctica.


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