Australian Native Birds Bon Bons - Christmas Crackers

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Make it a cracking Christmas (or Christmas in July) this year with these beautiful Australian Native bird Bon Bons (Christmas Crackers).

Birds featured: Kookaburra, Crimson Rosella, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Budgerigar, Rainbow Lorikeet, and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.

Individual Bon Bon size: 30 cm h x 6 cm 

Made from: Paper, Cardboard, Metal, Plastic

Box of 6 size: 30 cm h x 33cm w x 8 cm d

Why do they have two names?

In Australia, our tradition began when an English lollie maker by the name of Tom Smith saw bon bons being made as small gifts when he went to France in the 1840s. When he returned home he started to wrap his sweets and added a little note of love with each one. He sold them at Christmas and the response to them was huge. He added tiny charms, wrapped them in a cylinder, and call them ‘Christmas Bonbonnes’.

In 1860 by the crackling of his open fire, he came up with the ‘Cracker’ – through a lot of trial and error. That is why today there are two names for Christmas Bon Bons and Christmas Crackers.

Merry Christmas!


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