Australian Menagerie™ Board Game - Australian Alps Add On

Australian Menagerie™ Board Game - Australian Alps Add On

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The Australian Alps ADD-ON for Menageries Game adds a new habitat to your Australian Menagerie game. These ADD-ON Habitats enable you to play with additional animals, habitats, and more players
In this add-on learn about the

  • Broad-toothed Rat
  • Corroboree Frog
  • Kosciuszko Grasshopper
  • Mountain Pygmy-possum

How to play with your Menagerie™ ADD-ON Habitat:

  1. Place an ADD-ON Habitat next to each Australian Menagerie™ nature reserve.
  2. Shuffle the ADD-ON Habitat animal cards into the deck and deal one extra card to each player for every additional ADD-ON Habitat you are using. So, if you are playing with one ADD-ON Habitat deal nine cards to each player.
  3. Use the additional Management Strategy Card and Threat Card as per the standard game of Menagerie™.
  4. Threats from the standard game impact on the animals in the ADD-ON Habitat. Equally the threat in your ADD-ON Habitat pack can impact animals in all other habitats.
  5. lf you have no animals in your ADD-ON Habitat at the end of a round subtract five points from your score just as you would with the other habitats.

If you have purchased an ADD-ON Habitat with your game of Menagerie™ we suggest you learn the standard game first and include the ADD-ON Habitat later.

Australian Alps

Snow lies on Australia's highest mountains, in the south-east corner of the mainland, for about 120 days each year. The area has been subjected to millions of years of uplifts and erosion while the area around Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko (2228 m), was further shaped by permanent ice between 25000 to 10000 years ago. The resultant landform is undulating plateaus with glacial lakes and steep-sided river valleys.

It is too cold for trees to grow in the highest parts of the alps so the vegetation consists of herb fields, grasslands and heath which produce spectacular displays of flowers each summer. The Kosciuszko alpine area is home to 21 species of plants that live nowhere else in the world. The lower slopes support forests of snow gums, mountain gums, peppermints, and alpine ash.

The large range in elevation (300m to 2228m above sea level), rainfall and temperatures means that the alps support many different plant communities and therefore animals habitats. The extreme climatic conditions mean that some plants and animals can only live in the alps.


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