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ANiMOZ - Fight for Survival is the Collectible Card Game of Australian animals. You are a Ranger, and your job is to collect species that will help you build a healthy ecosystem.

What is ANiMOZ?

ANiMOZ is the ground-breaking collectible card game helping kids from 3yo through to early teensfall in love with Australian wildlife, and teaching them about human-induced dangers. but the gameplay is fun for all ages, and the artwork and surprising facts of each species can be appreciated by all.

Each card features a different native Australian animal, from the powerful Wedge-tailed eagle to the critically endangered Mountain pygmy possum.

In the Starter Pack there are 54 animals - scratching the surface of Australia's biodiversity, but giving a grand introduction to the breadth of amazing creatures out there!

Each animal has Powers and Weaknesses (all real-life powers), and key information about the species is shown on the card. In gameplay, the card holders (Rangers) need to build a healthy ecosystem and protect their sanctuary, whilst learning about the dangers these animals face like Climate Change and Habitat Destruction.

In the Starter Pack, animals come from one of seven BiOMEs: Forest, Desert, Scrub, River, Coast, Mountain or Sky.

Help us change the conservation game: 5% of all sales goes direct to the amazing work of Aussie Ark as part of ANiMOZ Conservation!

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Thanks again for the great customer service. It's a refreshing change!


Thankyou. Order arrived today. One very happy grandson with his new beastly binoculars.