Our Impact

At The Land Down Under, we know business has a huge impact on the environment and the consumption of natural resources, that’s why we’re working hard to reduce our negative as well as positive impact on the environment throughout our business.

Energy Efficiency

  • Solar Power - Our building collects solar power and distributes back into the power grid.
  • Energy efficient lighting has been installed.
  • Collect and use rainwater
  • Gap seals installed on windows and doors to reduce heating/cooling

We have a Source Australian Made first policy

We value keeping Aussie people in business. When possible, products are sourced first from Australian manufactures to support local jobs, economies, Australian people and to reduce the carbon footprint from the transportation of goods.

We Source Companies that have a Sustainability Policy

Examples of who we currently use. We are always on the lookout for businesses that we can align our values with.

Enviro-print for all our printing needs
Enviroprint is committed to providing high quality sustainable printing and marketing options, for Australian environmental, conservation, heritage or charitable organisations. Internally they promote and encourage the development of economical, environmentally responsible production techniques and work practices.

Planet Ark 100% Australian Recycled printing paper
  • FSC Certified
  • Carbon Neutral
    They use our own waste-paper, instead of importing waste from overseas (think of the carbon kms) and divert our own paper waste from landfill and keeps our old growth forests intact!

Deinked/recycled pulp is whitened using common hydrogen peroxide ('Peroxide') which breaks down to Oxygen and Water. The paper is manufactured at Australian Paper's newly constructed $90M recycling facility - the only one of its kind in Australia.

Search Engine - one that plants trees

Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees while you search the web. Ecosia use the profit they make from our searches to plant trees where they are needed most. At the last glance (August 12, 2020) over 103,708,654 trees have been planted by Ecosia users.

Waste Reduction

Packaging of Products is often done with repurposed packaging materials. An example of this, is the use of sheets of white bubble wrap that is used to ship ambulance parts to a local ambulance builder. Instead of this ending up in landfill, we use it for shipping products.

Soft plastics received in packaging and on products are removed where possible and sent to a local collection centre to be sent to REDcycle, who then turn it into product that is shipped to Replas (also in Victoria) to create recycle plastic benches, decking, bollards and more.

 Printer Ink Cartridges are refilled – not repurchased.

 Recycling of Office Components through Officeworks

  • Ink and Toner Cartridges that can no longer be refilled
  • Mobile Phones, Mobile Phone Batteries, mobile phone cases, cords and chargers
  • Computers, laptops, printers, keyboards, mice, hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s and cables.
  • Battery Recycling, single use and rechargeable.
  • Pens, highlighters and colouring markers

Charity / Support

On behalf of The Land Down Under, its customers and social media followers we have:

  • Donated 6 cot mattresses to the Wombat Awareness Organisation in South Australia, for wombats in their care after their burrows were taken over by snakes during a very hot and dry summer.

  • Adopted a Forest Fairy to help save them from extinction and protecting their forest home on behalf of The Land Down Under social media followers through the Wilderness Society.

  • Became an official guardian of Gawura the humpback whale through the IFAW.org Humpack Icon Project

  • Supported the Australasian Society of Zookeeping Tree Kangaroo Fundraiser

  • Financially supported the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Wildlife Victoria during the bushfires of 2019-2020

  • Helped create hundreds of bat wraps during the bushfires of 2019-2020 for injured microbats and flying foxes


  • Ros (Owner of The Land Down Under) trained with BADGAR Wildlife Rescue in 2017
  • Installed numerous nesting boxes around own property
  • Removing gorse/weeds, aiming for Land for Wildlife title
  • Nature photographer who lives by Ethics Before Images
  • 1 of a 2 person team to discover and photograph local wombat population that was previously unknown and unrecorded

Ros created The Land Down Under and Wild Wonders of The Land Down Under in 2009 to help bring people and wildlife together to increase conservation through education through interaction.

Together, we can make a difference and we'll be striving to fine tune Our Impact well into the future.